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Coreopsis Mercury Rising
Coreopsis Tinkerbells
Coreopsis Star Cluster
Coreopsis Plains Dwalf Red
Coreopsis Jethro Tull
Coreopsis Pom Pom Yellow
Coreopsis Desert Coral
Coreopsis Sun Splash
Coreopsis are sun-loving, low maintenance perennials with daisy-like flowers. They are drought tolerant, long-blooming and happy to grow in poor, sandy or rocky soil. Coreopsis are commonly known as tickseed, due to the unusual shape of their seed capsules Coreopsis grandiflora and Coreopsis verticillata are native to North America and have yellow or gold flowers. The foliage of coreopsis grandiflora is deeply-lobed and lance-like. Coreopsis verticillata has fine, lacy foliage and is often referred to as threadleaf coreopsis. Both have a mounding growth habit and reach a height of 1 to 2 feet Care of Coreopsis Care of coreopsis is simple once flowers are established. Deadhead spent blooms on growing coreopsis often for the production of more flowers. Growing coreopsis may be cut back by one-third in late summer for a continued display of blooms. As with many native plants, coreopsis care is limited to occasional watering during extreme drought, along with the deadheading and trimming described above. Fertilization of growing coreopsis is not needed, and too much fertilizer may limit flower production.
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