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Helenium The Bishop
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Helenium Autumnale
Helenium General Helenium is a genus of annuals and herbaceous perennials in the sunflower family native to the Americas. They bear yellow or orange daisy-like composite flowers. A number of these species have the common name sneezeweed Helenium plants take their name from the Greek work 'Helios', which directly translated means Sun. There is little coincidence that this is where their name originates when you see these beauties in flower during the summer, they really are that bright and vibrant. Where to plant Heleniums need an open sunny position in good soil. They will not grow in waterlogged conditions. How to plant Add lots of compost when planting to increase moisture. This will allow light, sandy soils to retain water and open up clay soils - thereby improving drainage. Keep new plants well watered and water all plants in dry spells. The flowers curl and the foliage flags if they are too dry. Stake taller varieties with hazel or canes and string. You can pick out the growing tips in May to get bushier plants - this is a useful technique with younger plants. When to cut back Some people also give heleniums a Chelsea Chop, but only do this on deep, fertile soil. The chop delays flowering time - so they perform later. Deadheading heleniums Deadhead heleniums constantly to promote more flowers. This will keep your plants in flower for months and, even if they have a lull, they will re-bloom later. When to divide Heleniums are best divided in spring just as they start into growth. Do not divide them in the autumn because winter wet can kill your divisions. How to divide To divide heleniums use two forks back to back to part established clumps, using the material on the outside because it’s the most vigorous plant material. You can divide down to a single rosette if you need to. Heleniums are robust growers and will make a substantial plant fairly quickly - even from one rosette.
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