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Echinacea Tiki Torch
Echinacea, a North American genus in the Daisy family, has big, bright flowers that appear in late June and keep coming into September. 'Tiki Torch' boasts large, bright orange flowers on upright, well-branched stems. Plants thrive in average soils or hot, dry conditions, shrug off cold, and are equally at home in full sun or partial shade.
Hummocks of mid green, puckered leaves. Wiry stems bearing double, orange flowers over a long period. May to October. Grow in sun or part shade and fertile, moist, well-drained soil. Dead head regularly for repeats. Good for mixed borders
Trollius x cultorum 'Orange Princess Classic Plants are strong and the flowers a glowing sunny orange. Lovely next to water, Trollius are the buttercups refined and cultured relatives. They Originate in sunny damp meadows and streamsides, but in the garden will grow in any soil that does not dry out where they will grow into substantial, but tight clumps. Their preference is for a heavier soil
Phlox Orange Sensation This group includes different kinds of Garden Phlox which do well in fairly dry conditions. The taller varieties are all excellent for use as cut flowers. All the plants in this group have a nice fragrance. Flaming salmon-orange flowers on strong stems. Dense, deep green foliage. Flowers all summer. Great cut flower variety
Lupin Towering Inferno West Country Lupins have an excellent selection of Lupin plants availible from us or through their website Lupins grow best on well drained soil that is not too rich. They prefer acid soil, if you have weak lupins or yellow leaves this may be caused by too much lime, apply sequestrine or an acid loving treatment. Plant lupins out when the plants are young, this means that they can put down a good root system. They grow best in an open position away from trees. After the flowers have faded remove them and don't let the plant produce lots of seeds, this helps to keep the energy in the parent plant and prevents self seeding. Don't cut the plants back hard after flowering, they can take months to recover. Lupins can be divided in the spring, DO NOT divide in the autumn as this will kill the plants.
Gerbera Sweet Sunset A remarkable and stunning development in the gerbera family, an amazing new strain of gerbera has been produced. ' Sweet Sunset®' flowers non stop from early spring through to the first frosts, showing off wonderfully warm, orange-yellow, bi-colour blooms, larger than their cousins and with larger numbers of these wonderful flowers per plant too! A variety to definitely add to summer borders this year! Height and Spread: 45cm (18"
Great Cut Flowers Brilliant in Containers or Pots Attracts Bees Attracts Butterflies Great Cut Flowers Heat and/or Drought Tolerant
Geum Princess Juliana
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