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Eryngium (Sea Holly)
Most eryngiums, or sea hollies, need bright light, poor soil and good drainage in order to develop a strong, rigid framework and steely patina. If grown on damp, heavy soil (or in wetter parts of the country) most eryngiums stems tend to flop and become a dull, grey-green. However eryngiums are very diverse: there are over 240 species worldwide. If you really want to grow them, try one or two in the driest hot spots you have. Some even do well on clay. How to Grow a Sea Holly Growing Eryngium plants is easy. All types will thrive in full sun and moist soil with good drainage. In fact, they actually prefer sandy soil. The long taproot, however, allows the plant to tolerate poor soil conditions and drought. Because of their taproot, locate sea hollies somewhere permanent, as they do not transplant easy. Place young plants in holes that are a few inches wider and deeper than their current root system. Sea Holly Plant Care These plants are relatively care-free once established. Sea holly flowers do not require much in the way of watering except during long droughts. It’s not necessary to fertilize sea holly either. Refraining from fertilization will keep the plants more compact and less droopy. Deadheading should be part of your sea holly plant care. Pinch or cut off spent flowers to encourage additional blooming. You may also cut off the flower stems once its blooming period ends in autumn, but allow the evergreen leaves to remain.
Scientific Name : Eryngium Common Name : Sea Holly Blooming Season : Spring, Summer Plant Habit : Upright Water : Medium Position : Sun Height : 12-36 inches
Eryngium Pen Blue
Eryngium Big Blue
Eryngium Planum
Eryngiums are sold in 3ltr and 5 ltr pots
Eryngium Neptunes Gold
Eryngium Big Blue
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Eryngium Miss Willmotts Ghost
Eryngium Amethystinum
Eryngium Miss Willmotts Ghost
Eryngium Colbalt Star